Innovate, Create, and Research with Red Canari

Ingrid Kaffka
4 min readMay 21, 2021

Red Canari is looking for research-driven professionals that love to tackle challenges who are curious-minded and ambitious leaders. We are a Canadian cybersecurity consultancy that delivers high-quality, high assurance, and customizable cyber services. Our partners trust us to navigate the security landscape to achieve higher levels of cyber resiliency. Red Canari pioneer’s solutions to complex problems in the cyber domain and inflict significant, impactful change by challenging the status quo, thinking differently, and pursuing innovation. If you’re an InfoSec professional looking to join a consultancy amid unprecedented growth, we want to meet you. Red Canari provides a variety of opportunities to enhance your skills in the cybersecurity domain through distinct avenues to accelerate your growth.

Spearhead Research. Red Canari’s experts have founded their own hands-on approach to hacking to identify vulnerabilities, exploit them, and penetrate systems and networks beyond the attack surface to maximize remediation recommendations for our partners. From researching mainframe hacking, deception networks, IBM I, semi-automated static source code analysis, and innovative approaches to DFIR investigations, our team provides the most cutting-edge services in the industry. When you join Red Canari’s team, your valued contributions, creativity, and ideas will be leveraged to benefit the resilience of our partners. If you are a passionate researcher who loves innovative challenges, pioneering new tools and approaches, and want to share your passion on the world stage at conferences like DEF CON and Black Hat, then Red Canari has a place for you.

Network Across Industries. You will foster connections with organizations from a variety of leading industries, including aviation, finance, health care, energy and natural resources, as well as the government and the military command. Our partners trust us to ensure they meet the highest standards of security compliance in their industries. Red Canari provides our partners with 100% actionable recommendations to resolve their weaknesses, mitigate their risks, and achieve strengthened cyber resilience.

Step in as a Leader. We offer countless opportunities to learn and develop in your career while working closely with other cybersecurity leaders on a high-performing team. You will contribute to meaningful work that gives you the freedom to be innovative and impactful.

Focused Career Opportunities. Red Canari is more than your average run-of-the-mill security firm. We offer a variety of career opportunities from Red Team Operators, Senior Penetration Testers, Digital Forensics and Incident Response Investigators, to Marketing, Sales, and Project Management. Wherever your expertise lies, Red Canari is an organization that supports you in your career goals.

Competitive Compensation. Red Canari offers competitive salaries, great health benefits, performance-based bonuses, flexible working hours, paid vacations, and a remote working environment.

Our Culture. Red Canari fosters a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community. We offer company-sponsored health and wellness activities, continuous growth through weekly Lunch & Learns, and an open channel for communication. We proudly foster a considerate environment that focuses on the well-being of every Red Canari employee.

Grow With Us. Red Canari is growing quickly to keep pace with our accelerating client base. We are a forward-thinking organization that is looking to support you as you embark on the most exciting stage of your career while accelerating your skill development, and boosting your credentials as an expert in the cybersecurity space.

Employee Health and Wellness. Red Canari champions several initiatives to support our employees. We launched a company-wide step count tracker where each month an employee is rewarded for achieving the most steps. Along with Red Canari’s Lifestyle Consultant Peter Henein who provides employees with a personal trainer, access to a nutritionist, and weekly boot camps to drive our fitness further. We also support our team’s mental health with a monthly wellness session where we host workshops led by qualified professionals and play fun virtual games together afterward. Despite the ongoing challenges associated with living and working during the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize how important it is to stay active and well.

Continuous Learning Opportunities. Red Canari believes that everyone benefits from practicing continuous learning. Each week a member of our team hosts a Lunch & Learn about work-related topics within their area of expertise. The Lunch & Learn promotes understanding and learning across roles and responsibilities. Our sessions have included presentations on security tools, project management, and sales initiatives. This program is just one part of a broader culture that promotes open communication, shared learning, and collaboration.

Diversity is Our Strength. Inclusivity and equality are the keys to unlocking the power of our diversity. At Red Canari, we value what makes each of us unique. We foster a welcoming and accepting environment for everyone.

Choose Red Canari. We are building a business together. Our partners Tony Kanjirappally and Nadeem Douba value building trusted relationships with the entire team. They are committed to nurturing the professional development and personal growth of everyone at Red Canari. Our organization puts research and continuous learning first, offers support to all our employees through health and wellness initiatives, and provides numerous networking and career opportunities. Come innovate, create, research, and help build something special with us at Red Canari. Apply today on our LinkedIn page.